Current Chapter Members

  • Afton Alumni & Supporters 
  • Attica FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Belleville Henderson FFA Alumni
  • Byron-Bergen FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Canton FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • DeRuyter FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Fonda-Fultonville FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Friends of Pavilion FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Granville FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Greenwich FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Hartford FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Indian River FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • John BowneFFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Lowville FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Madison FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Marathon FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Mohawk Valley FFA Alumni & Supporters 
  • Mount Markham FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Northern Adirondack Alumni & Supporters 
  • Oakfield-Alabama Elba FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Otselic Valley FFA Alumni & supporters
  • Paul Smith Collegiate FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Penn Yan FFA Alumni
  • Perry FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Pioneer FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Richfield Springs Alumni & Supporters
  • Sidney FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • South Jefferson FFA Alumni 
  • Unadilla Valley FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Waterville FFA Alumni & Supporters
  • Warsaw FFA Alumni & Supporters

Alumni Affliated Membership / Alumni & Supporters Local Chapters

The membership affiliation program is designed to easily mobilize volunteers to support local agricultural education programs and their FFA chapters. This program allows affiliates to provide membership, services, and benefits to an unlimited number of volunteers/supporters for one fee while keeping the rest of their funds right at home for their local programs. This program will also assist the National FFA Alumni in their strategic goal of having an active alumni affiliate in every FFA chapter in the country and dramatically increasing the number of advocates and supporters with time, talent, and resources at the local, state, and national level.

Program Highlights:

  • Annual fee of $100 per local affiliate (plus state dues that may apply) for the affiliate program providing basic support to all volunteers at the local affiliate.
  • Annual fee would be waived if the local affiliate has at least 25 life members (as of the end of the preceding membership year).
  • A minimum of 10 local affiliate members will continue to be in place for the affiliate to be considered active.

What affiliates and their members receive

  • Ability to use the National FFA tax reporting benefits as a National Alumni affiliate.
  • Full access to use the National FFA Alumni Ag Career Network and all resources to provide information, house re-sources, report data, report & process membership, search for career opportunities and discover promising practices to grow the affiliate, the local agricultural education program and its members.
  • Key alumni and FFA Organization updates, information, and all sponsor supported benefits available.
  • Electronic “New Visions” alumni newsletter and FFA’s “New Horizons” magazine.
  • New supportive resources for the local alumni affiliate and their members to become stronger advocates. The needed tools to work with school and community based partners to sustain and grow support for local agricultural education programs and FFA chapters to ensure the success and experience for future generations.
  • To be part of a national network united to support agriculture, agricultural education and FFA. Each local affiliates actions and support adds to the support of the state and the national level as there is increased support and benefits in numbers.


  • Make it easy for individuals to join and less work for local volunteers and affiliates to obtain national membership and receive benefits.
  • Provide an option for those who want to provide their support both in volunteer hours and financial contributions to the local level and still have the ability to communicate on a national level and receive key information keeping their local programs strong.
  • Mobilize a larger network of local volunteers and supporters. Collect and report their contributions in time, talent and support and be recognized for their efforts at the local, state and national levels.
  • National Alumni Association providing membership services rather than membership management
  • Current booster clubs not seeing the value of national alumni membership will become involved utilizing key information, promising practices and provided services.
  • Increase the active national affiliates and combined support of alumni keeping an increased number of local FFA chapters and agricultural education programs strong and sustainable at all levels.

How to Start a Chapter

Set a date for your first meeting

Recruit volunteers (most chapters already have them)

Download your copy of Starting your FFA Alumni & Supporters Chapter Guidebook


Lifetime Membership

Life membership is a one-time investment in the future of our organization. Your investment ensures that FFA and FFA Alumni will be around for future generations of agriculturists and helps us reach as many members as possible so that they can exert an influence in their homes and communitities. Alumni Life Members receive a membership card and certificate, a lifetime subscription to FFA New Horizons magazine, the ability to attend personal and professional development conferences and conventions, additional sponsor benefits and a voice in alumni business. The processing fee covers the cost of the membership packet, postage, staff time and other expenses associated with serving a life membership.

For additional information on investing in the future of FFA  visit Join National FFA Alumni and Supporters| National FFA Organization